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EOSIO Release, MainNet Launch and Token Swap

06/05/2018 08:10 recently released version 1.0 of the open source EOSIO blockchain software

This software enables businesses to rapidly build and deploy high-performance and high-security blockchain-based applications. EOSIO allows developers to write business logic that is compatible with consensus algorithms that demand deterministic execution. Your user base can interface with this business logic using the secure public key infrastructure, bringing  blockchain-level security, accountability, and auditability to your business. Business logic is easily updated according to the governance structures of your organization.

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EOSIO MainNet Launch, EOS Token Registration and Freeze is neither launching nor operating any initial public blockchains based upon the EOSIO software. It is up to others to adopt and implement the open source EOSIO software develops. As such, there is no assurance or guarantee that any EOS ERC-20 tokens can be transferred or otherwise exchanged for tokens on any new EOSIO blockchain. This means there is no official EOS MainNet at the moment. All concerned are advised to carefully review the EOS Token Purchase Agreement, as revised on September 4, 2017.

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EOS ERC20 (Ethereum) Token Swap

BitHash Exchange will support the EOS MainNet Token Swap. Therefore, all EOS balances held on BitHash Wallet before June 1st will be swapped 1:1 for the new EOS MainNet Token as soon as one is officially released. The old ERC20-based EOS Tokens are no longer supported at BitHash Exchange. EOS deposits and withdrawals will be unavailable until the MainNet launch.

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